Police investigate suspicious package on Alexander Way

Written by Gillian Smith
 | Sunday, 27 July 2014 23:03

Police are investigating a suspicious package on Alexander Way that is thought to contain human remains. 

Chandler Rodriguez was picked up from a graduation party Sunday morning by his father Hector and noticed a suspicious package on their way home to Mt Hope Circle. 

" We thought it was unusual because the area is usually so clean, " Chandler said. 

Hector pulled over and the two went over to check out what appeared to be a cardboard box. A neighbor came over to join them and as they approached the package they picked up a bad smell. 

"At first we thought it was just trash, but when we got close we discovered a terrible stench," he said. 

They called the police and notified them of the suspicious package. The area was blockaded as Duxbury police, state troopers and HAZMAT officials arrived at the scene. 

The Rodriguez's and their neighbor were fingerprinted and later told by a member of the Duxbury police that the box was thought to contain human remains. 

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz was on the scene and a full investigation of the incident is underway. Cruz and Duxbury Police Chief Matthew Clancy confirmed the discovery of "Unidentified human remains" Sunday evening. 


On Sunday, July 27, 2014, at approximately 11:36 a.m., Duxbury Police received a call reporting a suspicious box at the intersection of Alexander Way at Walker Road in Duxbury. Upon arrival, Duxbury Police located the box, which had been partially opened by the Rodriguez's. 


 Duxbury Police notified the State Police Bomb Unit, which responded to the scene.  The Duxbury Fire Department and the Department of Fire Services Hazardous Material Team also responded.  The State Police Bomb Troopers x-rayed the package and determined that the package contained what appeared to be human remains.  


The State Police Detectives assigned to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office were notified and responded to the scene. The State Police Crime Scene Services Section and the State Police Crime Lab also responded to assist in processing the scene. The remains have been transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for examination and identification.


 The matter remains under investigation by the State Police Detectives assigned to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office and the Duxbury Police. Anyone with information is urged to contact investigators at (508)923-4205 or (781)934-5656. No further information is being released at this time.