With several calls in the past week concerning potential scammers in the area, the Duxbury Police Department is warning residents to be hyper-vigilant with door-to-door salespeople.

Investigations Lieutenant Lewis Chubb said the department has received five or six calls complaining of door-to- door salespeople who they believe to be scammers. Chubb said it is common to have solicitors traveling around town this time of year and urges residents to be aware of the potential of scams.

“In and of itself, the sale of magazines is not a scam, but if they do not have a permit they are in violation of the law,” he said. “However, the people who are doing it often engage in other scams and behaviors while they are in town.”

In past years, Chubb said these same solicitors have stolen from people’s houses. While this is common in many South Shore towns, Chubb said the town of Duxbury has a bylaw that requires any solicitor to obtain a permit to sell door-to-door.

“Very few companies are willing to go through the process for a license,” he said. “We spend a lot of time in the summer enforcing that by-law.”

In Duxbury, solicitors are required to have a solicitor’s license, which is a photo ID that has both the Town of Duxbury name and seal on it.

“Residents are urged to ask for the ID before they purchase anything,” Chubb said. “If the ID does not have the town seal on it, they should contact the department and we will come take care of it.”

Chubb stressed the difference between solicitors and non-profit, religious, or political groups, which are exempt from the bylaw. If such groups become aggressive, residents may then call the police for assistance.