Middle of the road: Sidewalk/Bike Path Committee discusses future plan

Written by Ian McCourt
 | Wednesday, 16 July 2014 16:46

Discussion continues on the future of sidewalks and bike paths in Duxbury.

On Tuesday July 8, the Sidewalk and Bike Path Committee met at the Senior Center to discuss their efforts to install a sidewalk on Alden Street. The committee presented this plan to the school committee in April with plans to provide pathways along Alden Street between the school campus and the Art Complex Museum. According to the committee, the sidewalks would provide a safe route for students to get to school.

With the completion of the new school and fire and police stations, questions of funding arose. The committee is now looking into non-publicly funded sources, but at this time, no definitive sources have been confirmed.

Committee members Nancy Johnson and Michelle Hatfield met recently with Town Manager René Read to discuss the project. While no confirmed sources of funding were reported, Read will be attending the committee’s next meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 5.

Johnson also had discus- sions with Eric Arbeene, the Community Planner with the Old Colony Planning Council. Arbeene is helping conduct the Hall’s Corner traffic study that originally began in May. The study is evaluating the number of cars that go through Hall’s Corner as well as pedestrian traffic in the area. According to Johnson, Arbeene will also be attending the committee’s meeting on Aug. 5 to present findings from the traffic study. Johnson said that the Old Colony Planning Council’s report from the study will include a list of funding sources for actions they recommend taking after the survey has concluded. While the study is covering only Hall’s Corner, members of the committee noted that the council’s report could bring back discussions of a sidewalk on Depot Street, a plan that failed in 2011.