Draco and Duxbury: ‘Chronicle’ highlights local must-sees

Written by Gillian Smith
 | Wednesday, 16 July 2014 16:39


When the WCVB Channel 5 Chronicle team drove up Route 3A in June, they pulled into the driveway of a home that has become well known for its unique lawn ornament, unaware of the un- usual experience they would get to have with the mythical creature.



Draco the Dragon, a side project that has now become the town mascot, intrigued Amy Masters, Chronicle producer, as she worked on the “Main Streets and Back Roads of the South Shore, 3A.” She spent an after- noon with Draco, her camera woman and the Nudd family, talking about Draco and his many abilities.


The interview with Chuck Nudd, Duxbury firefighter and mastermind behind the construction of Draco, aired on Chronicle Monday evening, along with segments on Cohasset and Hingham. After exploring the Cohasset Maritime Institute, Old Ship Church and Meetinghouse and Glastonbury Abbey, Chronicle explored Hungry Pilgrim Oysters, the Winsor House Inn, and the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society before closing with Draco.


Nudd, along with his wife Robin and daughter Kelsey, showed the Chronicle team Draco’s ability to move his wings and his affinity for dressing up on holidays. Nudd also walked down memory lane with the crew, remembering how the much-loved dragon had been vandalized several years back.


“We had kids sending us cards and their allowance money to help fix Draco,” he said. “We sent them back their money with a picture of Draco and let them know we would fix him up.”


Now, Draco stands proudly on the Nudds’ property, welcoming visitors to Duxbury with his green LED eyes and impressive wings.