MegaDucks take over race

Written by Gillian Smith
 | Wednesday, 02 July 2014 13:48

Every year, hundreds of yellow ducks make their way down the Bluefish River in the hopes of being the winner in a very exciting race. This year, the usual ducks were dominated by super-sized ducks that were dressed to the nines.


The Rotary Club’s Duck- Studded Extravaganza began at noon on Saturday, as on- lookers watched the ducks race to the finish line. This year was unlike any other, as 11 Merchant MegaDucks dominated the waters.

The MegaDucks were created as a way to raise money through the Rotary for charity. Fred L’Ecuyer, incoming Rotary Club presi- dent, said many businesses around Duxbury got into the spirit of the event, donating money and receiving a larger- than-life yellow duck. Many businesses even dressed their ducks for success.

One such appropriately-adorned duck was The Cleanist’s, which sported a full cleaner’s outfit, red cap and hanger (complete with dry-cleaned laundry hanging off of it) in the duck’s beak.

Cathy Cardon and her staff spent hours decorating their duck for the race. Carolyn Staples, a tailor who is in Dux- bury on Friday and Saturdays, made sure the outfit fit like a glove.

“Cathy and the staff tai- lored some clothes to make a uniform for the duck, along with some Ken and Barbie clothes on plastic hangers,” Fay said. “They had a great time doing it.”

Other Merchant Mega-Ducks included Cellar D’Or, Hamadeh Construction, ONE gift shop, The Studio, Water- front Realty, Dixon Associ- ates, Fawcett Energy Partners, Foodies, D’Orazios Deli and Zahmats hair stylists.

“Everyone had a really fun time at the Extravaganza,” L’Ecuyer said. “We received so many personal thanks from people attending.”

The results for the race are as follows:

Mega Duck Race Winner: D'Orazio's Italian Marketplace

Mega Duck Best Dressed: The Cleanist (elected by verbal acclamation)

Baby Duck Race First Place: Beth Hudacko

Baby Duck Race Second Place: Edie Devnew

Baby Duck Race Third Place: Penelope Walker

Duck Waddle Contest Grand Prize: Gracy Doyle