A line of students, former students and curious residents snaked along the outside of Duxbury High School Satur- day morning, anxiously wait- ing to see what jewels they might find at the school yard sale. 

 When the doors opened at 10 a.m., curious potential buyers streamed into the DHS cafeteria and started sifting through boxes and shelves, looking for relics, useful items and class memorabilia. With everything from filing cabinets to science beakers, the yard sale was a busy place for much of Saturday morning.

By 10:10 a.m., a long line had already formed at the register as quick shoppers snagged the items they had been hoping to find. Children hopped between the nurse's beds, students rolled around in desk chairs, and parents looked over sports plaques to find their year and sport. 

Anne Ward, school committee member, spent the day at the high school, working the yard sale, walking through the school and taking a walk down memory lane with visitors who had come back to Duxbury to take one last look at their old school.

“We had several genera- tions of families coming in to show their families where they went to school,” Ward said. “They checked out their old classrooms and walked down the halls talking about what school was like when they were here. One man even drove up from Yonkers to take one last look.”

Almost everything that was up for sale was sold, Ward said. The money from the yard sale goes directly back into the town’s general fund to be used for other purposes. Any items that were marked for the new building will be moved this week, Ward said. The movers arrived at the high school and middle school buildings on Monday and started transport- ing everything over to the new building. A salvage company will come in after everything has been moved out to take ex- traneous items such as black- boards that are made of slate and can still be used or sold.

On July 7, a hazardous materials abatement company will walk through the build- ings to identify any hazardous material that might still be in the buildings. If they find any, Ward said, they have a certain amount of time to remove it.

After the yard sale, Jared Neprud and Jack Ward, class of 2016 and Paula Valencia and James Pye, both of the class of 1965, lowered the flag for the last time.

While it may seem things are moving quickly now, this part of the project has been a long time coming. 

"It's been quite a process to get to this point," Ward said. "Now we can just look forward to walking through those doors and starting our new school year."