As residents and visitors prepare for a summer full of activities and adventures, one organization is hoping to bring attention to the plight of those in town who are less fortunate.

After learning about several families in town who are struggling to make ends meet, the Duxbury Rotary Club decided to set up a fund that they would use in conjunction with the South Shore Community Action Committee (SSCAC) to help those in need. The fund, called the Good Neighbor Fund, has been opened at Eastern Bank, and is ready for donations.

Fred L’Ecuyer, Rotary member, said the club was inspired to set up the fund after working with the Duxbury Interfaith Council to raise money for their “camperships,” which help students in Duxbury attend summer camp. The campership program serves more than 90 students each summer.

“While the popular view is that Duxbury is a wealthy town, the fact is that some of our families do fall on hard times,” he said.

L’Ecuyer said the Rotary Club hopes to use funds from their four annual events — the Casino Night, Dance Night, Duck Race, and Holiday par- ty— for the Good Neighbor Fund. The fund is open for donations, which can be made through Eastern Bank, the SS- CAC or the Rotary Club.

When the SSCAC identifies a family in need, they will reach out to the Rotary Club and let them know what the family needs. The family’s name will remain anonymous to the Rotary Club, who will evaluate the level of need and approve the appropriate amount of funds to be given to that family. L’Ecuyer stressed the importance of families in need remaining anonymous throughout the entire process.

“[The Rotary Club] will never know who it is we are helping,” he said. “The point is just to know that someone is in need and provide them with assistance.”