A college side project turned viral for one Duxbury resident, who found herself with more than 15 minutes of fame.

Recent University of Delaware graduate Gabriella Katz and her fellow communication peers recreated the opening credits of the popular 90s television show "Friends," as part of the university's Biweekly Show. Little did they realize their side project would transform into a viral video. 

Katz, who was vice president of the student television network at the time, joined up with her friends to help produce the video. 

“We decided to do the opening credits of ‘Friends’ because the university has a giant fountain just like the one in the show,” she said.

The student filmmakers rented lighting and film equipment from the university and set it up at night. They set up the film shoot to match the original opening credits shot- for-shot, and started filming with an iPad. After setting up each shot, they filmed the footage for the final product with a DSLR camera.

"It is amazing how time consuming it was to film a 30-second clip," Katz said. "But it was a lot of fun."

Once the footage was shot, the group spent a couple of days editing it together and matching it up with the original “Friends” opening credits. Once it was finalized, it was aired on the student television station on the 10th anniversary of the airing of the last episode of “Friends.” Once it was aired, “It was cool to see our project on national television.”

Katz, who was recently named the recipient of the Adi Patel Award at the University of Delaware for outstanding public affairs reporting skills, said she hopes to work in television and is now spending her time freelancing and looking for full time jobs. As for the “Friends” project, she said she is very proud of the project.

“We never expected this to happen,” she said. “We just love what we do and it’s great to get recognized for doing something that was just a fun side project.” To watch the video, got to You Tube, Delaware Friends intro.