A real-time radiation monitor was installed at Duxbury Harbor last week at the Mattakeesett Court parking lot.


A team of electricians set up the monitor on a telephone pole at the Harbormaster’s office Thursday morning. The stainless steel box contains the guts of the monitor, which sends a feed to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health 24 hours a day, and an antenna. In addition to the air monitor, a weather station will also be installed on the pier by the Harbormaster’s office.

Once the set-up is complete, the information will be available online. Anyone who is interested in the monitor’s readings can either go online or call the Department of Public Health at 617-624-6000 at any time.

When the monitor gets a reading that the radiation levels are above the base level, beepers go off in the control center and notifications will be sent to the necessary emergency responders.

The Duxbury Emergency Management and Nuclear Advisory Committee proposed an article at the 2013 Annual Town Meeting in the hopes of protecting Duxbury with a real-time offsite radiation monitoring system. The 2013 Annual Town Meeting Article sought to “see if the Town will raise or appropriate from available funds a sum of money not to exceed $18,000 to purchase a real-time radiological air monitoring station to be located in the Town of Duxbury and be installed, operated and maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health as part of its radiological air monitoring system.”

In 2011, Town Meeting approved an article supporting a system of real-time monitoring of airborne radionuclide emissions from Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and meteorological data.

There are 12 monitors located in Plymouth, varying distances from the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station Reactor. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health relocated three of the monitors to Colony Plaza, downtown Plymouth and Gurnet Point.