Study aims to improve Hall’s Corner traffic

Written by Gillian Smith
 | Wednesday, 07 May 2014 16:13

The Town of Duxbury will be conducting a traffic data collection in May in the hopes of improving traffic flow to support businesses in Hall’s Corner.

The study will be done in partnership with the Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) and will include the placement of six automatic traffic recorders or road tubes along the roads leading into Hall’s Corner. OCPC personnel will also conduct Turning Movement Counts. The local technical assistance project study team includes Eric Arbeene, community planner, William McNulty, senior transportation planner, Jed Cornock, senior transportation planner, Kyle Mowatt, transportation planner, Andrew Vidal, GIS manager.

Theproject’spurpose statement cites a lack of traffic flow between the rotary, marketplace and “strip mall” as the main traffic concern in the area. Among other issues, the rotary currently lacks sufficient parking for the number of businesses in the area, causing those businesses to strug- gle financially.

“Due to the lack of cohesion between these three areas, shoppers often drive from one area to another even though the distance between them is minimal and adds unnecessary traffic to an already busy area,” the project statement purpose said.

The data collection will take place during the week of May 12-17 at Hall's Corner. The collection will not hinder normal business activities. 

The purpose of the study is to give the town a retail market study and economic strategy report that could lead to zoning bylaw and permitting procedure changes; a parking utilization study to document on- and off-street parking and to recommend more efficient use of the existing parking area; and a "Complete Streets" study that will recommend infrastructure and streetscape improvements. 

The assessment portion of the study will take inventory of existing land use patterns, ex isting traffic patterns, signage, conflict points, pedestrian accommodations and existing deficiencies.

The project will begin in May and aims to conclude by September.

Questions may be directed to Community Planner Eric Arbeene at 508-583-1833 ext. 213.