As spring starts to finally take hold in Duxbury, students will be encouraged to take advantage of the nice weather and bike to school.

Chris Shepler, event organizer, has organized “Duxbury Bikes” day on Wednesday, May 7 as part of the National Bike to School Day and the fifth anniversary of the town’s involvement in the program.

Shepler launched the program via a Facebook page called “Duxbury Bikes” and said he has seen a “flood of support” from the community and a number of parents who volunteered as chaperones.

Shepler is working with the Duxbury Police Department to set up a bike patrol for the event as well as several school administrators, including Duxbury Middle School principal Blake Dalton, Alden Principal Karen Whitaker and Assistant Superintendent Laurie Hunter. He is also working with Peter Sullivan, of the Sidewalk and Bike Path Committee, to round out the event.

The inspiration for the event came from an extended work assignment Shepler had last year in San Francisco. Shepler and his two older children rode their bikes to work and school every day while in San Francisco, and one day Shepler noticed a large group of students lining up on their bikes, ready to ride together to school. He was inspired to bring the event to Duxbury to highlight the benefits of alternative modes of transportation. 

"The goal of the event is to promote health and safety and to raise awareness for biking in the community," Shepler said. 

The "Duxbury Bikes" event will also include involvement from Duxbury's RIDE PHAT (Protect your Head at All Times) program. Selden Tearse, of RIDE PHAT, will be at Alden and DMS ad dismissal time, handing out coupons to anyone wearing a helmet during the Ride to School Day. As per usual, the coupons will be worth $2 for use at several businesses around town.