In response to an increasing number of permits requested for road races, fundraising walks and bike rides on Duxbury roads, the town manager announced this week that he plans to create a policy that looks at how the town manages these events.


At their meeting Monday, the Board of Selectmen took action on five of these events including a 5K run, a run/walk, two bike rides and a two-town beach triathlon. Selectmen approved event permits for all. Last week, the board also approved five event permits, including four road races and a children’s baseball parade.

These events take place during the spring and summer months beginning in April and ending in November. They are located all over the town al- though a high concentration – seven or more – use the roads around the Powder Point/Duxbury Beach area. The number of participants running, walk- ing or cycling on town roads rangefromalowof150toa high of 2,100. Many of these events are held to raise money national. Others are held by for-profit race organizations.

“As a result of the increase in the number of these types of events, I will be meeting with our public safety departments to begin drafting a policy to help better coordinate the application process, ensure that residential impacts are minimized and possibly introduce a fee scale,” said Read.

According to Read, other towns have established policies for these types of events.

“The purpose here is not to discourage race organizers from coming to town but to better help prepare the town for these types of events and ensure that our resources aren't stretched beyond our means,” Read added.

Selectmen approved an event permit for a run/walk for the Duxbury Lion’s Club food pantry. It will take place on Saturday, May 24 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. It will begin at Duxbury Middle School and follow a route around Powder Point Avenue and King Caesar Road. Organizers expect 300 people.

Selectmen also approved an event permit for the Dux- bury portion of a 100 mile long Best Buddies Challenge, a Boston to Hyannis Port bike ride on Saturday, May 31. From 8 a.m. to noon, 600 bi- cyclists are expected to ride through Duxbury entering town via Acorn Street and traveling along Franklin, Lincoln, and Mayflower streets before reaching Tremont Street. They will then use Chestnut Street and bike through Hall’s Corner to leave town via Bay Road. The Senior Center will be used as a rest stop. Best Buddies is an organization that provides programs and support to peo- ple with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

On Sunday, June 15, an event permit was approved for the third annual Sheehan Orthodontics 5K road race that will be run from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. This race begins at Hall’s Corner and loops around Standish Shore. About 100 runners are expected and proceeds benefit Chandler Elementary School and the Massachusetts Dental Society Foundation, according to South Shore Race Management, the race organizers.

On Saturday, June 28, the National MS Society plans to hold a portion of the two-day 150-mile Boston to Provincetown bike ride through Duxbury beginning at 9 am. This route will enter town from Marshfield via Lincoln Street, travel along Temple and West streets to St. George Street where bikers will follow Washington Street into Hall’s Corner and leave town via Bay Road. There are expected to be 2,100 cyclists riding through town. According to a letter to the town manager from the ride organizer, bikers have been instructed by organizers to ride single-file on the right hand side of the road and fol- low all vehicle laws. Duxbury police will be hired for safety details.

On Saturday, July 27 from 7 to 11 a.m, beachgoers will witness between 500 to 600 participants involved in the Marshfield-Duxbury Triathlon, which is in its fourth year. This event was formerly known as the Marsh Madness Triath- lon. It takes place on Duxbury beach and involves a 1⁄4 mile ocean swim overseen by Duxbury Harbormaster Don Beers, a three-mile run on the beach at low tide and a 11 mile bike ride leaving Duxbury on Gur- net Road and entering Marshfield. Participants will be using the Duxbury Beach Park area to set up. In additional to the harbormaster’s department, Duxbury police and fire of- ficials will be stationed at the beach. This triathlon differs from the Duxbury Beach Triathlon, which takes place in September and has 800 participants.

At their last meeting, selectmen approved three road races in May in the Powder Point Avenue/King Caesar Road area and a baseball parade and a 5K run both held on Chandler and neighboring streets.

In other business, selectmen:

Voted to accept the recommendation from the human resources department for 2014 health insurance rates for town employees and retirees. According to Human Resources Office Jeannie Horne, the rates for employees who have an HMO or PPO will not increase but they will now have an annual deductible as well as hospital admission co-pays and three-tier prescription drug copays. Retirees on the MEDEX plan will see a $881 decrease in their annual health insurance costs, but they will now have to make certain co-payments and have deductibles. Horne plans to hold a health and benefit fair regarding health insurance for employees and retirees at the Senior Center Wednesday, May 3 from 3-5 p.m. There will also be specific information sessions on the health insurance changes. 

 Voted to send a letter to the Massachusetts Historical Commission supporting the town’s nomination of the Myles Standish burying ground on Chestnut Street for the National Register of Historic Places. The move to place this cemetery in which Pilgrim Captain Myles Standish and Pilgrims John and Priscilla Alden are buried stems from work done by the Duxbury Historical Commission. The cemetery is recognized by the American Cemetery Association as “the oldest maintained cemetery in the United States.”

Witnessed the swearing in of Duxbury’s newest fire captain, PJ Hussey. Hussey started with the fire department in 1995. He has a bachelor’s degree in fire administration and is a paramedic. He was promoted in anticipation of a retirement in the department. Newly elected town clerk Su- san Kelley swore in Hussey.

Proclaimed April 17 as Arbor Day to be observed with ceremonies at the Chandler El- ementary School at 2:30 p.m.

Learned that the new online program to buy beach and other town stickers is working despite a few glitches. Town Manager René Read said the program has been “going quite well considering this is a year of transition using this new system.” He said he has been recording all complaints and/or weak areas of the system in order to improve the program and make the experience better in the future. Beach stick- ers are discounted until May 1. Currently, over-sand permits cost $160 for residents and $295 for non-residents. As of May 1, those rates will increase to $180 and $325, respectively.

Learned from Read that three Piping Plover pairs have returned to Duxbury Beach. Currently, the beach is open.

Learned that the town will receive its Chapter 90 highway funding for fiscal year 2015 in the amount of $539,732, which is level-funded from the previous fiscal year. The DPW plans to begin paving projects in mid-May.