Duxbury in for a musical treat from Army Field Band

Written by Gillian Smith
 | Thursday, 27 March 2014 16:17


Duxbury will get a rare treat in April as the Army Field Band and Chorus will give a concert that is sure to impress.

The concert is a joint effort between the Duxbury American Legion Post 223 and the US Army. Rob Ali, Duxbury Legionnaire and retired lieutenant colonel, was inspired to bring the band to Duxbury after he learned about the band while serving at the Pentagon.

After getting in touch with organizers, Ali teamed up with Legionnaires Frank Tripi and John Magnarelli to bring the band to Duxbury for the first time.

"This is certainly not something that just happened,” Magnarelli said. “Rob has been working on this for a year and a half to make sure it goes off without a hitch.”

While the band pays its own way and brings its own equipment, the Legion is responsible for securing the venue and advertising the concert. Magnarelli and Tripi worked with the Performing Arts Center to secure a date for the concert and worked with several community businesses to print programs, tickets and solicit general sponsorships. Throughout the planning process, the Legion has seen great community support as local organizations learned more about the concert.

“When people in town hear about the concert, they get all psyched,” he said. “This band tours the country, but they also play at the White House and all the big events in Washington, D.C. It’s a big deal.”

Because Duxbury has such a large population of musically inclined residents, Magnarelli said, the community will appreciate the high caliber performance the band is sure to give. As a way to include the community in the concert, 16 music and chorus students from Duxbury High School will be selected to perform one of the numbers with the band. Not a musical person himself, Magnarelli said he is anticipating seeing the students on stage with the band.

“It’s another great opportunity to showcase our kids and their musical talents,” he said.

Magnarelli said he hopes the concert will pull some veterans out of the woodwork who have not become Legion members or who have not participated in Legion events. There are currently 180 mem- bers of the Duxbury Legion, but only 125 of those are from Duxbury. Magnarelli said there are about 800 veterans living in Duxbury and he hopes to reach out to them.

“There’s a whole group of people out there that we’d like to reach,” he said.

Any veteran who served during a war period is eligible to become part of the American Legion.

The concert starts promptly at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 4, with doors opening at 6:15 p.m. Ten minutes before the concert, the Legion color guard will present the colors. Tickets are free, but are restricted to four per person. Tickets have been available since March 4 and are going quickly. They can be acquired online at or by getting in touch with Magnarelli at 781-934-5485.