Oates honored for years of service

Written by Administrator
 | Wednesday, 12 March 2014 15:52

As the 2014 Annual Town Meeting commenced on Saturday, long-time clerk Nancy Oates was honored for her years of service to the town.

During her last Town Meeting as town clerk, Oates received resolutions from the town, State Representatives Tom Calter and Josh Cutler, Congressman Bill Keating and Senator Robert Hedlund.

Rep. Calter reflected on Oates’ 31 years as town clerk, saying he had always received a warm welcome from Oates when he visited on state business.

“A good town clerk always makes you feel welcome,” he said. “That personifies Nancy Oates.”

Rep. Cutler highlighted the fact that Oates had been reelected 10 times and spent a significant portion of her life working as town clerk. Representatives from Congressman Keating’s and Senator Hedlund’s offices were also present at Town Meeting to give Oates their resolutions. Across the board, everyone thanked Oates for her years of service to the town.

Oates spoke briefly, thanking everyone who had voted for her, and even those who hadn’t, for giving her the opportunity to work as the town clerk.

“This has been the most interesting thing to a person who went to Framingham State College and majored and food and nutrition,” she said. “Thank you all for a wonderful experience.”