Town Clerk Q&A: Meet the Candidates

Written by Administrator
 | Friday, 07 March 2014 17:57

Susan Kelly 

Why are you seeking the position of Town Clerk? I  enjoy interacting with the public and  feel a great responsibility and sense of  personal reward  helping my fellow towns- people.  Whether it be voter registration, absentee ballots, licenses, certificates or the many other services provided by the office, I will strive to assist and accomplish these functions on behalf of the public.

What relevant experiences will be most useful for this position? I have worked for the Town for the past four and a half  years.  I worked as the Assistant Town Clerk for two and a half years and have a first hand knowledge of the responsibilities of the office.  As Executive Assistant to the Town Manager for the past two years, I have developed a cohesive working relationship with the Town Manager, the Town’s management team as well as with the various volunteer Boards and Committees.

What are your strengths and what can you improve upon? My strengths that are valuable to this position are my organizational skills, documentation management experience, background in compliance and communication  with state and federal regulators as well as my familiarity with the Town’s functions and their technology goals and vision. Improving myself in today’s ever-changing world, I will continue my education as Town Clerk with an important  focus on completing the requirements of a Certified Municipal Clerk designation..

Why do you want to work for the Town of Duxbury? My family has been embedded in Duxbury for three generations.  I grew up here, attended  school and graduated from Duxbury High.  I feel a strong sense of community, civic responsibility and a passion for contributing to the town I love. I value the relationships I have established with other members of Duxbury’s town government, employees and volunteers,  and it would give me great pride to continuing to work with them.

What are your goals for the position of Town Clerk? As Town Clerk, I will use my previous document management experience and the technology that is available today to modernize and streamline the processes in the Town Clerk’s office. I will work to implement efficiencies not only for the staff but, more importantly, for the residents and individuals who interact with the office.

Are you qualified and prepared to meet the demands of the position of Town Clerk? Why? Having served as Assistant Town Clerk for two and a half years, I have a working knowledge of the office, processes and procedures and the responsibilities of Town Clerk.   Because of this experience, my assuming the position of Town Clerk will be seamless with minimal, if any, interruption of service to the Town.

Is there something you would like to improve upon as Town Clerk? What would it be and why? While servicing people at the counter is, and will continue to be, an integral part of the job, I will work to bring services to residents outside of town hall hours.  I intend to enhance the Town Clerk’s page on the town Web site to include interactive links allowing people to do business with or contact the Clerk’s office via their computers at their convenience.

What qualities make you stand out as a candidate? During my tenure with the Town of Duxbury, I have demonstrated my ability to work successfully in a team environment and maintain positive working relationships.  I have demonstrated my dependability on the job and hence serve on staff at the Emergency Operations Center when needed.

Why should you be elected as the next Town Clerk? My strengths, strong qualifications and extensive experience will enable me to perform the responsibilities of Town Clerk in a very capable manner  with an easy transition.