Putting books to good use

Written by Administrator
 | Friday, 07 March 2014 17:47

A regular visitor to the “Duxbury Mall” has utilized her visits to help children in an underprivileged school in Florida.

Before Christmas, Sandy Sweetser noticed an abundance of books at the Duxbury Transfer Station, many of which were Scholastic books Duxbury students had read through and discarded. Sweetser wanted to do something with the books and put a message on Facebook, looking for students who were in need of books. A friend got her in touch with Mimi Berg Brown, a former Duxbury resident and kindergarten teacher at the Warrington Elementary School in Pensacola, Florida.

Sweetser got in touch with Brown and learned there were 19 students in Brown’s kindergarten class. Sweetser went to the Transfer Station, picked up 20 books for younger children, and sent them down to Brown and her students.

In an interesting twist of fate, Sweetser and her husband often travel to Pensacola in the winter months to take a vacation and to visit the Marine Corps Aviation Museum in Pensacola, where Sweetser’s father-in-law’s photo is on display. On this particular trip in January, Sweetser packed up two large boxes full of books from the transfer station and brought them down to Florida.

Sweetser recently visited the school to meet Brown and her students and to give them more books. She even brought some books for the older students at the school, which goes up to fifth grade. For the students, she said the books were an exciting gift.

“This is quite a poor school and the students were so happy to receive the books,” she said. “They all had a million questions to ask me and we had a good time together.”

Sweetser said she hopes to bring more books to the school when she visits Florida next year. If anyone in town is interested in donating books to the school, she said she is happy to collect them for her next visit.