Board discusses Island Creek North permit

Written by Administrator
 | Thursday, 27 February 2014 18:56

The Planning Board reviewed a proposed comprehensive permit modification at Island Creek Village North Monday night.

Planning Board chairman George Wadsworth said that after looking at the permit modification, the only issue he saw was a lack of parking for the future residents of the over-55, age restricted complex. The developer for the affordable housing complex removed assisted living from its plans, which opened up over 90 units with one parking spot per single housing unit.

Vice-chairman Brian Glennon expressed a concern he also had when discussing Duxbury Estates, questioning whether, after permits were issued to Island Creek North, the market would not support the housing market enough for the complex to thrive. Wadsworth said Island Creek North used to have a list of interested potential residents who were waiting for units to open up, but now they have a list of units that are available to rent.

Board member Scott Casagrande said it is important to note that the assisted living building is being converted to over-55 housing, but the remaining 120 units will remain open for anyone to purchase, as the original documents proposed. The development proposal includes 36 one-bedroom units, 72 two-bedroom units and 12 three-bedroom townhouses.

“We have always had an aspect of mixing the over-55 with the regular apartments,” he said.

Planning Director Tom Broadrick said there is a substantial decrease in the residential condominium townhouses, which will affect traffic patterns in the development.

“While there may be fewer cars for the assisted living, you have a lot of people needing help in there,” he said. “So there’s going to be more traffic trips for the workers in and out. Now there’s 94 parking spaces for the 94 units.”

Wadsworth expressed concern with the number of parking spaces per unit. In his view, moving from assisted living to over-55 would increase the number of spots needed per unit.

“My thought was to take 94 and add half of that and that would be my recommendation,” he said. “That way it would give them one and a half cars per spot.”

Broadrick said the town does not have a calculation in the bylaw to directly address a requirement on the number of parking spots per housing unit in an apartment complex such as Island Creek North.

“Because this is a 40B, they can ask for whatever they want to ask for,” he said. “If you want to make that as part of your recommendation, that you don’t believe there is enough parking, you can do that.”