Pine Point project approved

Written by Administrator
 | Wednesday, 18 December 2013 14:31

The Zoning Board of Appeals has approved a special permit request for a residence on Pine Point Road.

On July 16, Michael and Julie Woodall submitted a request to the ZBA for a special permit to construct five A-frame dormers and a shed dormer to a pre-existing non- conforming structure that encroaches in the side set-backs on Pine Point Road, a narrow residential street off Gurnet Road.

On Sept. 12, the ZBA held a public hearing on the request and received comments from town boards and departments. Health Agent Tracy Mayor said the board of health would not be involved because the property is connected to the Marshfield septic treatment plant.

The Design Review Board stated the pitch of the roof was sufficiently steep to accom- modate the proposed dormers on the front but suggested narrowing the third floor shed dormer at the rear of the house. The Water and Sewer Advisory Board had no comment, the Planning Board deferred to the ZBA and Conservation

Administrator Joe Grady said no Conservation Commission permit was required.

The ZBA found the applicant complied with the Board’s rules, regulations, submission requirements and procedures and the existing single-family dwelling does not conform to the minimum side setback requirements. The proposed dwelling will also not encroach further into the side setbacks than the existing dwelling.

The decision of the board was to grant the special permit, despite the fact that the project will increase the non- conforming nature of the existing structure, because it is “not substantially more detri- mental to the neighborhood, as evidenced by the supportive testimony from the abutter.”