Nuclear advisory article seeks requirements for Pilgrim Plant

Written by Administrator
 | Wednesday, 18 December 2013 14:28

The Duxbury Nuclear Advisory Committee has submitted an article for the Annual Town Meeting warrant supporting the immediate dismantlement of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station if and when it ceases to operate.

The article calls for a decommissioning, an immediate dismantlement, instead of a SAFSTOR (Safe Storage), a United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission option for shutting down a plant. The committee wants to require the removal of spent fuel to dry cask storage both before and after Pilgrim ceases to operate. The article requests limiting storage of waste at Pilgrim to only waste generated at Pilgrim.

The committee would also like to continue off-site radiological emergency planning with all costs to offsite communities funded by Entergy so long as any fuel remains on-site at Pilgrim. According to the article, the rationale be- hind the article is that the Pilgrim station may close in the near future and “it is time to consider what actions the town should take to better protect its interests.”

The article states it is most important to support moving spent fuel into safer dry casks because the greatest risk to Duxbury is a fire in the spent fuel pool.

In other news, the Nuclear Advisory Committee is planning on holding a forum on Entergy’s dry cask storage, impacts of Entergy’s financial situation and decommissioning issues in the early spring. Fire chief Kevin Nord requested the committee review this year’s version of the Radiological Emergency Plans for each town department, which should be completed by late spring 2014.