The Percy Walker Pool is now open, after closing for a brief period on Monday. 

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It was not a happy Thanks- giving for the Duxbury football team last season. The bitter taste of their last-minute loss to Marshfield coupled with a depth chart burgeon- ing with young talent has the Dragons taking the field for the 2014 season with a renewed optimism and a chip on their respective shoulders.

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At its first meeting, the School Committee discussed several changes that are anticipated for the new school year.

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 In five short weeks, the town of Duxbury will host one of the premier food festivals of the South Shore. The Duxbury Food and Wine Festival will showcase the very best seafood, meats, and produce, while pairing them with an almost endless assortment of carefully selected wines and craft beers. The Festival is comprised of five unique events taking place over four days.

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Duxbury selectmen have adopted a new policy to aid them when considering names for public places.

Selectmen voted unanimously to accept a public property naming policy on Monday. Chairman Shawn Dahlen and Selectmen Ted Flynn were present. Selectman David Madigan was not at the meeting. 

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This week the Board of Selectmen approved a license for a hot dog cart with little discussion after the same issue had become controversial at a meeting two weeks ago.

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Duxbury beachgoers had an exciting afternoon as they were evacuated out of the water after a great white shark was spotted in the waters off of the beach.

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A 34-year-old woman died in a one-car crash on Sunday afternoon on Route 3.

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With several reports of coyote sightings in the past few weeks, residents are urged to be hyperaware of their surroundings and the safety of their animals.

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Five young filmmakers spent two weeks filming particularly unusual visitors to Duxbury in the hopes of spreading awareness and educating the audience.

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Duxbury was well represented at this year’s Marshfield Fair, as horticulturalists of all ages received recognition for their work.

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A Duxbury resident-turned Switzerland student is working on a project to improve living conditions in Tanzania.

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The Duxbury Senior Center has been selected as one of five senior centers across the nation to spearhead development of an aging mastery program for older adults.

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As the town gears up to tackle budgeting for the next fiscal year, Town Manager René Read has requested that preliminary budgets increase only by 2.25 percent for salaries and only by 1 percent for expenses.

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A routine vendor’s license request at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting Monday night became contentious as the family of the town’s only licensed hot dog vendor accused another vendor of not playing by the rules.

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Piper Hollis was halfway through her seven-mile run when she started to feel it was time to give up. She was tired, it was hot and she could think of a million other things she wanted to be doing instead of running. Just as she was about to stop, she approached a woman, who called out to her.

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