Deputy Collector Retires After 24 Years

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 | Wednesday, 02 January 2008 18:26
Nancy Boulanger was sitting on Duxbury Beach reading a book 24 years ago while her husband was reading the Clipper.

Nancy Boulanger was sitting on Duxbury Beach reading a book 24 years ago while her husband was reading the Clipper.7444a.jpg

"He said he found the perfect job for me in the help wanted section, three hours a week in the Collector's Office at Town Hall," she said.

After initially resisting taking time away from the beach to go to work, Boulanger said she finally relented and went down to Town Hall to fill out an application.

On Friday, Boulanger retired from the Collector's Office after 24 years.

Boulanger said those initial three hours a day kept getting longer, until she eventually went full-time and became the Deputy Collector.

"Those three hours quickly went to four hours to five hours to six hours," Boulanger said. "The hours just seemed to increase as the workload increased."

During her 24 years at Town Hall, Boulanger said she's seen a lot of changes.

"Everything has become more technologically advanced," she said. "When I first started, we shared one computer terminal with the Town Clerk's office. They would get it in the morning, and then they would carry it over to us in the afternoon."

Much more than the improved technology, Boulanger said she will miss the people she has worked with, both in the Collector's Office and throughout Town Hall.

"It's been very enjoyable the last 24 years. It's a wonderful group of people I've worked with," she said. "They are a very close-knit group and very compassionate friends."

Boulanger's coworkers said they will miss her as much as she will miss them.

"Nancy has been my confidant over here," said Kelly Smith. "She's been a big part of the office for a long time, and she's taught me a lot."

Mary Leach said she'll miss Boulanger's sense of humor and her social nature.

"She's an asset to this town," Leach said.

Boulanger said she plans on catching up on a lot of reading and spending time with her family, including her two daughters and her 15-month-old grandson, during her retirement. Some more time out on the water in her kayak and some rounds on the golf course are also on the horizon, she said.

A Duxbury resident for 28 years, Boulanger moved to the Pine Hills in Plymouth two years ago.

"It's a wonderful community down there," she said. "My best friends from high school encouraged me to move there, although Duxbury will always be my home."

The one thing she won't miss about her job is beach sticker season.

"During her retirement party, her favorite gift was a sweatshirt with a Duxbury beach sticker on it," said Smith.

"No, I won't miss that," Boulanger said. "It's almost that time of year, too."