About the Clipper

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 | Wednesday, 09 January 2008 13:22

The Duxbury Clipper is an independent, community newspaper published for, and about, the residents of Duxbury, Massachusetts. The Clipper was founded by John and Bobbie Cutler on May 11, 1950 and has been published every week since. The early history of the Clipper is chronicled in two delightful books, "Put it on the Front Page, Please!" and "Cancel My Subscription, Please!" Both books are now out of print but can still be found in some bookstores and thrift shops.

The Clipper and our sister publications have won numerous newspaper awards.

New England Press Association

Government Reporting (2010)
Right-to-Know (2010)
Special Section (2009)
Government Reporting (2009)
Best Idea for Generating Ad Sales (2009)
Health Reporting (2008)
Editorial Writing (2008)
Special Award (2008)
Racial or Ethnic Issue (2008)
Web Convergence (2008)
Advertising Idea (2008)
Editorial writer (2007)
Advertising Supplement (2007)
Special Section (2006)
Advertising Supplement (2006)
Website (2006)
Health Reporting (2006)
Website (2005)
Editorial Page (2005)
Website (2004)
General Excellence (2004)
Local Election Coverage (2004)
Sports Section (2003)
Investigative Reporting (2007 - Hanson Express)
Web Convergence (2007- Hanson Express)

National Newspaper Association

Investigative Reporting (2008-Hanson Express)